Netflix To Be the New Home of the He-Man Movie Reboot: Good or Bad?

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It totally makes sense, with She-Ra and the upcoming Kevin Smith-spearheaded MOTU series housed in the streaming giant, for the He-Man movie reboot to make it its home as well. We have yet to confirm in the coming weeks, but The Hollywood Reporter has shed light on the high possibility that the film that is set for release in 2021 & should already be in the works will most likely be delayed once again after more than a decade of empty promises from Sony Pictures.

The news comes after studio chairman Thomas Rothman expressed lack of faith in the franchise. This is all about risk management, however. After Sony met losses early this year from MIB, they have good reason to be more cautious with a project that has had lackluster history on the big screen. Who has gotten over the 1987 flop? Because of this, Sony Pictures plans to sell its Mattel franchise license to Netflix, a move not unheard of in Hollywood. Paramount Pictures recently gave the reins over to the streaming behemoth for the Cloverfield prequel, The Cloverfield Paradox.  

Giving it to Netflix might be the best idea anyone has for the MOTU franchise. The media platform has produced a slew of independent hits. One notable show based on the 80s cult-classic, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, turned out to be even better than the original 1982 film. It wasn’t a bad movie, but neither was it spectacular. The fan base it has is mostly due to the nostalgia movement, rather than a direct affinity to the old narrative. Though not a feature film, the prequel series Netflix produced has a critic & audience rating even higher than the 1982 movie because of the way it gave clarity & fixed plot holes. Now the He-Man film was bad, and doesn’t have a cult following. But there is a He-Man hype, propelled by the same nostalgia movement, and enough to afford a reboot. Netflix could do justice to it, the same way it did with TDC, with its writers' ability to weave original stories while remaining loyal to the source - the real value they bring to the table. Because of that, they totally have our vote of confidence… and so is Kevin Smith who’s apparently onboard with this.

So here's to hoping Netflix does buy the MOTU franchise from Sony Pictures.


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