10 Movie-Spoiling Toys Worse Than Your Facebook Friend

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Toy Movie Spoilers Worse Than Your Facebook Friend

Friendships have been destroyed, and sinners have been exiled for "accidentally" exposing plot-twists of blockbuster films on social media. In some cases, people go to the extreme and even attack each other. But, what would you do if your favorite toy company, or fast-food chain did this to you? Here's an interesting list of toys that wouldn't have survived the millenial snowflake culture:

1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm by Kenner
Batman Mask of the Phantasm by Kenner
Most of us were fans of BTAS (that's Batman the Animated Series, for the uninitiated), so the hype was real when the trailers for Mask of the Phantasm movie started playing on TV. "Who is this awesome villain?" was surely on everyone's mind. But blame it on Kenner-Hasbro for ruining the fun for us. It wasn't so much the character revelation as it was the very act of the exposure that probably made the movie lose momentum somehow. But this is all in hindsight, my eight year-old self couldn't have cared less - Still watched it. Enjoyed it.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, DeadPool by Hasbro
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool action figure by Hasbro
If film studios sued for each time someone spoiled their movies, Hasbro would go kaput. Call it marketing, or just plain carelessness, this just had us scratching our heads. 2009 Collector sees this in the toy store pre-screening: "Maybe he'll look more like Deadpool in the movie..." Fooled yah! Though we hate all spoilers, there are some we can somewhat tolerate. This isn't one of them. It was bad enough to see ahead of the movie, and actually worse to confirm it while watching.      

3. Dick Tracy, Madonna
Playmates Toys The Blank Action Figure from Dick Tracy Movie - Madonna
She was still the "material girl" well into the 90s, but we can't digest how unflattering this figure makes her look. Then again, you weren't supposed to know "the man without a face" was Madonna's character, Breathless Mahoney, until you had watched the film... or bought The Blank action figure before doing so. You would've then realized that's not a guy underneath the mask. Even without that trademark tooth gap, you would've known it was her. 

4. 1998 Godzilla

Even if you never watched Godzilla, we're quite sure you'd have a basic idea of what he looks like. He's nearly a century old and had transcended local Japan film into global pop-culture status over 50 years ago. Unless you're Patrick Star, you would definitely know that an oversized iguana isn't Godzilla. But we didn't know that until the Trendmasters toys came out in 1998, before the movie premiered. 

5. Shrek
Shrek Burger King Spoiler
This is unique on the list because this is the only one not done by a major toy company. One of the things that made Shrek great was the surprise twist that Fiona was also an ogre. What made this piece so interesting, was Burger King released keychains of the main characters, including Fiona, with a "transformation" feature that turned her into a... you guessed it - A Donkey. Just kidding! An ogre of course.

6. Jurassic World, Lego Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex Breakout by Lego _ Jurassic World

We're glad Lego made a comeback, but if toy companies were charged for every spoiler they made, Lego, like Hasbro, would be bankrupt. This was one of the recent spoilers, showing the once well kept secret beast - Indominus Rex. Fans of course ate it up. I guess not all spoilers are bad, unlike the next one. 

7. GI Joe ROC, Rex Cobra Commander's Identity
Rex Cobra Commander from Rise of Cobra

We'd have to give it to Hasbro. They really take the cake. It really makes us wonder if they're doing this on purpose. We'd also have to hand it to Joseph Gordon Levitt for spoiling it in a late night show, and for his action figure. It'd be hard not to assume that majority of the guys who watched the GI Joe movies were also GI Joe toy collectors, and being so, probably completed series 1 of the toy line even before the premier. Though one of the harder figures to find, Rex, a Cobra, was on the card back of the figures. It isn't even halfway into the movie that they introduce him, so way to spoil the main twist of the movie. 

8. Green Lantern, Disappointing Parallax
Parallax Green Lantern Movie with Ryan Reynolds

Patterns, patterns, patterns: Hasbro, anything to do with Rex, and... Ryan Reynolds. For this Mattel figure, it wasn't enough that they spoiled the main antagonist of the film, they had to ruin it. Although you'd have to blame the studio for the decision to do it, would it have been too hard to make a Parallax loyal to the comic? Just imagine how awesome this guy would have been:
Parallax Comics 

9. Empire Strikes Back, The Fate of Han Solo
Han Solo in Carbonite by Kenner 1980

As the second installment of a highly successful movie, you'd take care not to ruin the surprise outcome to anyone of the already beloved bunch of characters that made it through Star Wars A New Hope. Though freezing Han in carbonite wasn't the "main event" in Empire Strikes Back, just imagine the kids' surprise when they went into toy stores to find Boba Fett's Slave One with a slab of their favorite galactic smuggler.

10. Avengers: Infinity War, Storm Breaker
Hasbro Avenger's Storm Breaker
Our last piece really wasn't much of an awful spoiler, more like a teaser, because let's admit it's always nice to see comic canon integrated into the cinematic universe. Though we're quite sure fans hoped to find a surprise appearance of Beta Ray Bill, the original wielder of Stormbreaker in Marvel comics. 

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