Magic Mixies Genie Lamp (DISCOUNTED), by Moose Toys 2023

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Your dreams have been granted! Witness the return of true enchantment embodied in the captivating Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp! Concealed within this enigmatic golden vessel rests a charming pink Genie Mixie yearning for liberation! It's now your child's turn to orchestrate the mystical steps and conjure authentic magic within this feature-packed, enchanting Genie Lamp, replete with over 60 captivating lights, sounds, and reactions!

To embark on this magical journey, your child must first rouse the Genie and unveil the concealed magic ring. As they tenderly rub the Lamp, genuine magical mist emanates from the spout, while the enchanted gem radiantly glows! Your child will delight in engaging with the spirited Genie Mixie, progressively unraveling the secrets of the Lamp. After fulfilling all the challenges and donning the potent magic ring, your child can utter the incantation "Magicus Mixus," prompting the pink Genie Mixie to gracefully emerge from the Lamp! Gently retrieve your endearing interactive pink plush toy genie, and the adventure unfolds. The realm of magic and amusement has only just commenced.

Once the Genie Mixie is liberated from the Lamp, children can use the magic ring to interact with their Mixie. After bestowing a name upon their genie, they can explore three distinct modes - Wish Granting Mode, Play Mode, and Chat Mode - all facilitated by the light-up gem on their forehead. The Genie Mixie, in response to this enchanting gem, can either fulfill or decline children's wishes!

Genie Mixies thrive on interaction, engaging in playful activities when touched, and relishing conversations while casting spells in their unique Mixie tongue. The Magic Mixies Genie Lamp can be reset to reenact the misty reveal from within the Lamp, providing endless enchantment for your child. Furthermore, children can reveal not only their magical Genie Mixie but also other treasures from home! For those desiring to sustain the magic, a Magical Mist Refill Pack for your Genie Lamp is available for separate purchase. Additionally, the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp is offered in a variant with a blue plush Genie Mixie (available separately). Real enchantment is poised for discovery. Whom will you magically bring forth?

Re/Create your childhood!

* Brand New

* Moose Toys

* Electronic Plush

* 2023


  • 1 x Electronic Lamp Playset
  • 1 x Electronic Interactive Magic Mixie Figure
  • 1 x Accessory (Ring)
  • 2 x Instruction Booklets
  • 6 x AA Batteries
  • 3 x LR44 Batteries

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