BITZEE Digital Interactive Pet, by Spin Master 2023

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Move over Tamagotchi! Here's the most interactive digital pet to date, touted as the Next Hottest Toy for the holidays. Introducting BITZEE by Spin Master, an Interactive Digital Pet and Enclosure Featuring 15 Animals, Virtual Electronic Pets Respond to Touch, Children's Toys for Both Boys and Girls. 

- Mid September to October 2023
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Embark on an extraordinary journey with Bitzee, a revolutionary digital pet that breaks free from screens and offers tactile engagement like never before. Interact with Bitzee's pets through swipes, tilts, shakes, and touches, enjoying a symphony of responses that come to life right in your hands.

Guide your Bitzee pets through stages of growth, from infancy to adulthood and the coveted Super Bitzee status. Feed, play, and care for them to witness their remarkable transformation. Collect new virtual companions as you engage, building a bond that deepens with each interaction.

As your collection flourishes, enjoy the emergence of visually distinctive Super Bitzee forms, complete with unique outfits and engaging games. Utilize treats to attract new companions and gather a total of 15 enchanting Bitzee pets. Display your captivating assortment to friends and admirers, igniting conversations and showcasing your appreciation for this immersive innovation. Each set includes 3 AA batteries for immediate enjoyment, making Bitzee the perfect gift for all ages, evoking nostalgia and wonder. Step out of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Bitzee!

  • TACTILE (TOUCHABLE) VIRTUAL PET EXPERIENCE: Bitzee transcends the confines of a mere 2D screen, introducing a virtual pet that becomes a tactile reality in our 3D realm. With each Bitzee toy pet, you can tangibly interact through swipes, tilts, and touch, making the digital come to life in your hands!

  • NURTURE AND ENGAGE: Embrace the role of caregiver for your Bitzee companions as they embark on their journey of growth. Every Bitzee commences as a baby, requiring your attentive care. Feed, play, and soothe them to sleep, fostering their progression from infancy to adulthood and even into the esteemed status of a Super Bitzee!

  • A MYRIAD OF CHARACTERS IN A POD: Unlock a captivating world of play as you delve deeper into the Bitzee universe. By engaging with the toys, you'll unveil new Bitzee pets, each uniquely interactive. Utilize treats to entice new companions, amassing a collection of 15 vibrant creatures, including a variety of delightful animals such as cats, bunnies, and even unicorns!

  • VARIETY IN PLAY OPTIONS: As your adult Bitzee virtual pets undergo the transformation into Super Bitzee, be prepared to be astonished by whimsical surprises. These surprises span from charming outfits to engaging children's games that can be enjoyed together, presenting an extensive array of avenues for amusement and connection.

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUNG ONES: Tailored for both 5-year-old boys and girls, Bitzee offers an electronic pet collecting experience unlike any other. Serving as an innovative alternative to handheld consoles or video games, these interactive toys grant a screen-free, immersive diversion. Each set comes complete with 3 AA batteries, guaranteeing instant enjoyment.

Discover the enchanting realm of Bitzee, where digital and tangible harmonize seamlessly. Engage with these interactive companions and cultivate meaningful connections that transcend the virtual. Ideal for both boys and girls, Bitzee introduces an engaging pastime that will undoubtedly captivate young hearts and minds.


- 1 Bitzee Pod

- 1 Quick Start Guide

- 1 Set of Instructions

- 3 AA Batteries

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* Mint in Sealed Box (Brand New)

* Spin Master

* Digital Hand-Held Pod

* 2023 

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