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Build-A-DragonDash | ToySack

Gamifying is key, even if you’re not playing an actual video game, or any game at that. This means motivating and incentivizing their supporters, and that is top-of-mind for the DragonDash team, rather than plain baiting (i.e. giveaways). This is how ToySack founder & DragonDash creator, @mistertoysack, designed the experience of collecting the DragonDash NFT cards, and the trickle-down impact on building a solid quality community that’s actually hinged on the value of the brand.

But, hold on a second… Rewiiiind! First thing’s first. What exactly is DragonDash? You can read the full backstory on their roadmap, but in a nutshell the founder doesn’t want to pin DragonDash merely as an NFT:

“It’s more than just a project, DragonDash is a living and breathing brand of ToySack. The NFTs are an asset to help reward our supporters as our brand grows and evolves into what it is truly set for, and also to serve as an alternative capital source for us to make this happen. In other words, the NFT aspect is a means-to-an-end, and what that epic end is, you would just have to wait and see… You’ll catch glimpses of it on our roadmap if you read through it.”

DragonDash Gamified: The Dragon Hunt Series

DragonDash launched with the goal to mint 2000+ tokens in its first wave of collector cards (Feb to April ’22). Hidden among these are “gems” scattered across the randomness of the collection. At first glance, it looks just like how any generated collection should, but start picking out and collecting these particular pieces, and you’ll find yourself being rewarded with exclusive cards. 

Borrowing the concept from the toy world of Build-A-Figure (“BAF”) or Collect-to-Build, where a collector sets out to acquire multiple action figures that each includes a piece to assemble another figure, DragonDash motivates their collectors to HUNT for pieces of accessories, body suits, and head gears from various cards that they can accumulate to acquire exclusive cards of the completed character.

They’ve kicked off with the DRAGON HUNT, with the first one calling on all hunters to search for the Cupid Set. Search for and collect the following, whether together (from 1 card) or separately (from 2 to 3 different cards) from the DragonDash 50K Series collectible cards. * Head Gear - Cupid Helmet * Accessories - Cupid Accessories * Body Suit - Cupid Booster.

DragonDash Cupid Head Gear | ToySack
DragonDash Cupid Body Suit | ToySack
DragonDash Cupid Accessories | ToySack

Once you’ve done that, reach out to the team on the official discord channel #dragondash-cashcodeclaim to start processing and verifying your ownership. Complete the hunt and you get the V22 Exclusive card.

DragonDash V22 Exclusive


This is just the first of many hunts, but keep note, each collection released will be different from the previous. What can we expect? I guess we just really have to wait and see!


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