Tuska Warrior New on Card, Vintage Thundercats by LJN 1986

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Introducing the Tuska Warrior, a loyal friend of the Thundercats, this vintage gem was released by LJN Toys in 1986. Based on the beloved kids' series Thundercats created by Rankin & Bass, this action figure encapsulates the magic and adventure of the Thundercats world. For collectors of vintage action figures, especially Kenner action figures enthusiasts, this piece is a true treasure. Transport yourself back to the fantastic Thundercats universe with this beautifully crafted action figure. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of nostalgic history. Discover more vintage action figures and relive the excitement of Kenner's classic creations today. Buy it for your Thundercats collection, or keep it for your child's future collection. Re/Create your childhood!

* New on Card 14-Back Card


* 8" tall

* 1986

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