Triceratops (Dinosaur), Imaginary Skeleton by Bandai Spirits

A must have for all dinosaur fans and model kit enthusiasts, this Triceratops skeleton from Bandai Spirits' Imaginary Skeleton line is truly a great display piece to have. The mighty Triceratops now joins Bandai's "Imaginary Skeleton" model-kit lineup! This iconic dinosaur is a favorite the world over, with its massive frill and triple horns giving it a fierce look, despite the fact that it's a plant-eater. This kit builds into a detailed and accurate skeleton in a true-to-life pose, combining science with sculptural beauty. It's based on the latest research, including the irregularly arranged grater-like teeth common to herbivorous dinosaurs. The frill on the skull is delicately reproduced, including cracks caused by stress fractures and traces of blood vessels. The base includes plants for a realistic look, too. A manual booklet is included that's supervised by dinosaur export Kyoichi Tomita, too! Order yours today, and create your own miniature dinosaur museum! Buy dinosaur toys for sale online now, only here at ToySack. Re/Create your childhood!

* Mint in Sealed Box

* Bandai

* 1/32" Scale, Est. Length: 10 in