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Toad with Nicolai Malthus, Battletech by Tyco 1994

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Perfectly in scale with M.A.S.K. & Dino-Riders! Step into the battlefield with this vintage Toad mech robot action figure, complete with pilot Nicolai Malthus, inspired by the thrilling Battletech animated series! Released in 1994 by Mattel, this classic collectible brings the powerful and fearsome mech robot to life, piloted by the skilled Nicolai Malthus. Join the epic battles of the Battletech universe as Nicolai and his Toad mech robot engage in intense warfare. This vintage action figure captures all the excitement and adventure of the animated series, making it a prized addition to any nostalgic collection. Relive the action-packed battles of Battletech and unleash your imagination with the Toad mech robot and Nicolai Malthus at the helm! Buy vintage toys for sale online now, only here at ToySack. Re/Create your childhood.

* Mint on Card, with plastic sheet protective covering

* Tyco

* 2" Scale

* 1994

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