Nykus™, Skilled Warrior of the Zors of Terra™ 3.5" Scale Figure, MunTee Figs Crowdfunding Campaign #1 by ToySack Studios 2023

Get ready to save Terra against the mysterious forces plaguing the planet with the help of the Zors ! Build the team starting with Tops™ and Nykus™ in this first ever MunTee Figs™ crowdfunding campaign by ToySack Studios, which also happens to be ToySack Studios' second action figure line.



In a parallel universe, an asteroid packed with bio-tech mass hit the planet 65 million years ago, transforming dinosaurs into an advanced civilization instead of wiping them out. But eons after, extinction finally seems to be catching up brought on by a yet unknown force from the depths of their planet. The world's citizens rest their future on the hands of an elite hand-picked team, the ZORS of TERRA. Will they get to the bottom of it before it's too late, or will a new off-world threat get in the their way? 


Nykus, shrouded in mystery, revealed his exceptional skills in restraining a Synapsian invasion unit 12 sol-cycles ago. As part of the secretive Raptoris clan, he co-founded the Prohibition and Security Council of Terra, proposing the formation of a specialized team to combat threats swiftly and effectively. Nykus, the mastermind behind the Zors, operates from the shadows, ever silent and poised to confront any impending danger.
The Zors of Terra MunTee Figs  is part of a quirky fun-sized action figure toy line by ToySack Studios for kids and adult collectors, made pocket-sized. Apart from that we've kept it in scale-compatible with a number of classic toylines such as TMNT, GI Joes, and other 3" to 4.5" figures to maximize the fun while keeping your collection shelf-space friendly.

Tops ™ stands 3.9" tall with 5 points of articulation. He comes with a standard Zors Blaster and his favorite blade which has helped him in countless sticky situations!


  •  Price: P799 (US$ 14.25)
  •  FIRST 100 backers will get a signed Zors of Terra™ Issue #1 with an exclusive limited cover art variant when the target is reached.
  • All backers and supporters receive a PDF copy of Zors of Terra™ #1 (also out now on Amazon, for Kindle and on paperback), upon payment or donation which will be delivered via email, so it's imperative to include your emails when placing the order.
  •  TARGET RELEASE DATE: First Quarter 2025


  • TOPS Figure: Aiming for Php 900,000 (US$ 16,000). Upon reaching this goal, production and fulfillment for Tops will proceed, and Nykus will be unlocked.
  • NYKUS Figure: Targeting Php 550,000 (US$ 9,000). Achieving this threshold ensures production and fulfillment for Nykus.


  • Upon reaching the initial Tops target, all-inclusive participants (those acquiring Tops) will receive a complimentary Zors of Terra : Genesis comic set for release in Q1 2025.


  • Settlement/payment of all orders is mandatory, with target milestones based on actualized (paid) orders.
  • Campaign updates every 24 hours will be available on the ToySack Studios website and product pages of Tops & Nykus.
  • In case targets aren't met, buyer refunds will be processed within 60 days post the campaign's conclusion through the payment method used by the backer.


  • Running from January 31, 2024, to May 29, 2024 (Extendable)


  • A SUPPORT LINK for non-buyers enables contributions in tiers: Php 50 (0.89) Php 100 (US$ 1.77), Php 300 (US$ 5.32), Php 500 (US$ 8.87). All supporters receive an electronic copy of Zors of Terra #1 via email. Click on the "SUPPORT NOW" Link below. 


MunTee Figs  ™ : Zors of Terra™ Figure Inclusions

  • 3.5" Scale Figure
  • Accessories: Scythe
  • Packaged in Sealed Box, with Blister
  • For release in First Quarter, 2025
  • By ToySack Studios
  • Based on the characters and comic of Chino Ragragio


Don't feel like buying now? You can still help us achieve our production target by donating to our campaign for as low as Php 50 (US$ 0.89). Click the button below. 



*** Cash on Delivery Does Not Apply to This Product.

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