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Ms. Marvel with Fleer Annual 1995 Synch Card, Marvel Hall of Fame by ToyBiz 1996

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Ms. Marvel, the trailblazing Marvel superheroine, made her impressive debut in ToyBiz's illustrious Hall of Fame 4.5" classic action figure collection, marking the inception of a groundbreaking era in the "super-hero" toy genre. As one of the first action figures in this iconic lineup, Ms. Marvel's release was met with excitement and acclaim from collectors and fans alike. With her distinctive costume and extraordinary superpowers, she quickly became a treasured addition to every toy enthusiast's collection. This collection holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it played a pivotal role in shaping the way superhero toys were perceived and enjoyed, sparking endless hours of imaginative play and storytelling. Ms. Marvel's inclusion in this legendary toy line celebrates her status as a symbol of female empowerment and representation in the world of superheroes, making her action figure a cherished piece of nostalgia and a testament to the enduring impact of iconic superhero toys.. Buy more Marvel toys for sale online now, only here at ToySack. Re/Create your childhood!

* Mint on Card

* ToyBiz

* 4.5" Tall

* 1996

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