Evil Ryu SDCC '23 Exclusive, Street Fighter II by Jada Toys 2023

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Evil Ryu, a dark and corrupted version of Ryu in Street Fighter II, embodies the internal struggle between light and darkness within the iconic martial artist. Driven by the Satsui no Hado, a malevolent force that amplifies Ryu's power at the cost of consuming his humanity, Evil Ryu unleashes a relentless and ferocious fighting style. His attacks are more brutal and infused with a malevolent energy, reflecting the internal conflict that torments him. Evil Ryu's appearance, characterized by glowing red eyes and a darkened presence, stands as a stark contrast to the disciplined and honorable nature of his original counterpart. This darker incarnation of Ryu adds a compelling layer to the Street Fighter narrative, exploring the consequences of succumbing to the allure of power at the expense of one's own soul. Buy other anime & video game themed toys for sale online here, at ToySack! Re/Create your childhood!

* Mint in Sealed Box, Brand New

* Jada Toys

* 6" Tall

* 2023

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