Complete Jaeger Set of 4 4" Figures (Advaced Order Sure Slots), Pacific Rim Aftermath by McFarlane Toys 2023

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Pacific Rim Jaegers are colossal humanoid robots designed to combat monstrous interdimensional creatures known as Kaiju. These Jaegers, created by humanity in a desperate bid for survival, are piloted by skilled teams of two or more individuals who synchronize their minds to control the immense machines. Each Jaeger is a technological marvel, armed with powerful weaponry and equipped for close-quarters combat. Standing as humanity's last line of defense, the Jaegers operate in pairs, demonstrating incredible agility and strength as they engage in epic battles against the Kaiju to prevent the annihilation of Earth. The pilots' ability to work in perfect harmony with their Jaegers is crucial for the survival of humanity in the face of this colossal threat.

Set includes:

Gypsy Danger

Crimson Typhoon

Cherno Alpha

Striker Eureka

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* Mint in Sealed Box

* McFarlane Toys

* 4" Tall

* 2023

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