Batwing, New 52 DC Multiverse by McFarlane Toys 2023

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Born in the city of Tinasha, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, David Zavimbe's life took a harrowing turn when he and his brother, Isaac, were forcibly recruited as child soldiers. Amidst the chaos of local warring factions, they found themselves embroiled in the horrors of combat. However, their conscience prevailed when they refused to harm innocent people during a mission.

Tragically, their act of defiance cost Isaac his life, as he valiantly attempted to protect David from their ruthless leader, General Keita·. Heartbroken and determined to break free from the cycle of violence, David escaped the clutches of war and eventually returned to confront General Keita·. Capturing the tyrant, he delivered him to an enemy base, vowing to abandon his life as a soldier forever.

David's path then led him to become a police officer in Tinasha. However, his life took another unexpected turn when Batman™ approached him with an extraordinary proposition. The Caped Crusader saw in David the potential to carry on the legacy of The Dark Knight in one of the world's most tumultuous regions. Thus, David joined Batman, Incorporated, becoming the symbol of hope and justice in a land torn apart by strife.

Embracing his new role, David Zavimbe fights alongside Batman, dedicating himself to protect the innocent and uphold the principles of justice in the midst of chaos. As part of Batman, Incorporated, he strives to bring stability and hope to the troubled region, becoming a symbol of courage and strength in the face of adversity.

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* Mint in Sealed Box

* McFarlane Toys

* 7" Tall

* 2023

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