Atomic Skull vs Superman, DC Multiverse by McFarlane Toys 2023

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Sent to EARTH from the fading planet of KRYPTON™ during infancy, KAL-EL was discovered by Martha and Jonathan Kent, humble farmers who raised him as their son, CLARK. As CLARK matured, the radiation emitted by EARTH'S radiant yellow sun bestowed upon him extraordinary abilities, which he chose to conceal. Now, a fully grown individual, he harnesses these powers to safeguard his adopted world, taking on the mantle of SUPERMAN™.

ATOMIC SKULL Real Name: JOSEPH MARTIN JOSEPH MARTIN, a scientist, found himself exposed to nuclear energy during an experimental S.T.A.R. LABS submarine mission. Shipwrecked on a remote desert island, he remarkably survived by emitting devastating nuclear blasts from his mouth. The ordeal, however, took a grim toll, causing his skin and muscles to painfully disfigure, leading him to adopt the malevolent persona of the Super-Villain, ATOMIC SKULL. His path frequently crossed with that of SUPERMAN™, both in solitary confrontations and alliances with notorious criminals such as MAJOR DISASTER and the ROYAL FLUSH GANG. In more recent times, MARTIN has turned over a new leaf, dedicating himself to combating crime alongside the METROPOLIS SPECIAL CRIMES UNIT, SUPERWOMAN, and the TEEN TITANS™.

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* Mint in Sealed Box

* McFarlane Toys

* 7" Tall

* 2023

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