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Apatosaurus, Vintage Smithsonian Dinosaur Collection by Tyco 1993

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Step into the prehistoric world of Dino-Riders with the majestic Apatosaurus action figure, released in 1990 by Tyco Toys in partnership with the Smithsonian Institute. With the classic 1988 Dino-Riders Diplodocus repurposed for this collaboration, this non-electronic beauty stands tall as a reminder of Earth's ancient inhabitants. With meticulous attention to detail, the Apatosaurus boasts realistic textures and vibrant colors, transporting you back millions of years. Whether you're a dino enthusiast or a collector of vintage treasures, this Apatosaurus figure is an essential addition to your collection. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on thrilling adventures with this timeless piece of history. Relive the wonder and splendor of the past with the Apatosaurus action figure – a truly remarkable specimen from a bygone era. Buy Dino-Riders toys for sale online now, only here at ToySack. Re/Create your childhood!

* Mint in Sealed Box

* Tyco

* 2" scale

* 1990

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