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Spiked Tail Predator Wave 3, Predator by Kenner 1996

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Step into the past with the Spiked Tail Predator (Wave 3), a vintage action figure released in 1996 by Kenner as part of their renowned Predator toy line. This collectible gem draws inspiration from the thrilling Predator film series, capturing the essence of these formidable extraterrestrial hunters. With meticulous attention to detail, this action figure boasts a level of craftsmanship that takes you back to the heyday of retro toys. Whether you're a dedicated collector or simply seeking a unique addition to your collection, the Spiked Tail Predator is a rare find that promises to infuse your display with a dose of nostalgia. Don't let this opportunity slip away; seize the chance to own a piece of pop culture history and relive the excitement of classic action figures. Buy vintage toys now only here at ToySack. Re/Create your childhood.

* Mint in Sealed Box, Brand New

* Kenner

* 5" Scale

* 1996

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