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Slythe Series 1 8-Back, Vintage Thundercats by LJN 1985

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Take a journey back to the 80s with this vintage Slythe action figure, a treasured relic from the first wave of Thundercats action figures by LJN in 1985. Slythe, the cunning mutant henchman of Mumm-Ra, is a must-have for collectors of rare toys and enthusiasts of the classic Rankin & Bass 80s cartoon, Thundercats. This meticulously crafted action figure captures all the nostalgia of the Thundercats era, bringing to life Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, and the captivating sci-fi adventures that defined 80s cartoons. If you're seeking vintage action figures and rare toys, Slythe is a valuable addition to your collection. Embrace the magic of Thundercats and own a piece of 80s toy history. Don't miss out on the chance to own this iconic LJN Thundercats action figure. Buy it for your Thundercats collection, or keep it for your child's future collection. Re/Create your childhood!

* Brand New on Sealed 8-Back Card (First Release Issue)


* 8" tall

* 1985

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