1/144 HG Guncannon (Cucuruz Doan’s Island Ver.), Mobile Suit Gundam by Bandai

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The Bandai 1/144 HG Guncannon (Cucuruz Doan’s Island Ver.) Model Kit brings to life the formidable mobile suit from the special "Mobile Suit Gundam" episode set on Cucuruz Doan's Island. This High Grade model kit features excellent articulation, detailed design, and authentic color separation, making it a standout addition to any Gundam collection. It includes the Guncannon's signature weapons, such as the beam rifle and shoulder cannons, allowing for dynamic poses and realistic battle reenactments. The kit's precise engineering ensures a satisfying build and impressive display capability.

"Mobile Suit Gundam" is a landmark series in the mecha genre, set in the Universal Century timeline. The episode "Cucuruz Doan's Island" follows the adventures of Amuro Ray and his encounter with the mysterious island and its protector, Cucuruz Doan. The Guncannon, a reliable support unit in the Earth Federation's arsenal, plays a significant role in defending against Zeon forces. This special version of the Guncannon captures the essence of its appearance in the unique and memorable episode, offering fans a chance to recreate iconic scenes and celebrate a classic moment from the Gundam franchise.

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* Bandai

* 1/100 Scale

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